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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Originally ixosted From TFW MAHOPAC Found HERE It’s here again  That time of year when all your diet and fitness regimens are put aside for the sake of enjoying food, and fun with your loved ones. After all the celebration and enjoyment is done, however, you’d be surprised how quickly all the hard work you put in to stay in shape goes down the drain. So What Do You DO? Ideally you would do what I call “train right through”  that means you train through holiday weeks as if they were any other week. But I get it, it’s not that…


Im not lazy, well maybe I am.  I think the better word is I'm tired.  I have a toddler, a pregnant wife, a business that I am at 15+ hours a day.  So the thought of spending HOURS in the kitchen MEAL PREPPING on my one day off ( Sunday)  Sounds less then thrilling.  Not to mention I don't really know how to cook all that well. On January 16th I was at a meeting with some fellow trainers and my mentor and we got called out. “Your job is to do what everyone else wants to do, to show them…

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