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How my daughter made me fat

October 2nd… I still remember it like it was yesterday.  Doctors were going to induce my wife Bonnie and in a few short hours we would have our baby girl... As many of you know babies don't cooperate that way 36 hours of agony later, our sweet baby girl was born Those 36 hours were really rough….. on me :-) ( my wife will kill me when she reads this) I didn't get to eat, didn't get to sleep, not even a workout Again it was pure agony.(plus all the noise and crying, blah)   But I got my beautiful…


Imagine that every year there is a huge event, that everyone in the country participates in.  Imagine that you, a normal person , are all of a sudden forced to fight for your life.  You will brave dangerous obstacles, create alliances for survival, and avoid those who are out to do you harm.  You will be forced from your comfort zone, made to do things that any other day you may not be proud of, but future generations will look back  understand that sacrifices had to be made to survive.  Welcome to..  THE HUNGER GAMES: Turkeyday. This may sound like the plot…


TFW Turkey Day {Infographic} At Thanksgiving you have to be a warrior.  Sure you may not have to go and hunt your food anymore, or battle to the death with your Uncle Stu, but there is still a battle that goes on.  The battle between the fit and the fat.  Too many people turn Thanksgiving into an all week/month/rest of the year excuse to binge, drink, and go off the wagon.   Im not saying don't enjoy yourself, but try following this infographic below to help you stay on point for your LEANEST THANKSGIVING EVERY!!! Took from a fellow TFW South…

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Originally ixosted From TFW MAHOPAC Found HERE It’s here again  That time of year when all your diet and fitness regimens are put aside for the sake of enjoying food, and fun with your loved ones. After all the celebration and enjoyment is done, however, you’d be surprised how quickly all the hard work you put in to stay in shape goes down the drain. So What Do You DO? Ideally you would do what I call “train right through”  that means you train through holiday weeks as if they were any other week. But I get it, it’s not that…