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Laziest Breakfast Ever! (Live)

How to sneak in fruits, vegetables and protein without in like 2 seconds!! Please share!! Want us to do your Nutrition for you check out our online program + 4th of July Specials Click here.

Creamer Wars (Live)

Be careful what goes in your coffee. Want more coaching on your Nutrition? Check out our online program with 4th of July special pricing. Click here    

Do It On The Couch!!

See coach Bonnie go through brutal at home booty workout (from Bret Contreras). The goal is to do as many reps with good form (equal on each side) rest one minute, then do next exercise. 1. Bulgarian split squat 2. Single leg hip thrust 3. Side lying hip raise 4. Frog reverse hyper 5. Frog pump 5. Extra range side lying hip abduction Do it for 3-4 rounds and tag Bonnie Lesh in a picture of you doing it!! Need more at home fitness stuff, check out our online program starting July 10th. Click here

Awesome 4th of July Familia Workout at TFW Estrella

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